Feb 13, 2020

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- 24/7 JET, a California corporation ("24/7 Jet"), and M2 Aviation Consultancy Co., Ltd. ("M2 Aviation"), a Hong Kong corporation, signed an exclusive collaboration agreement to meet the growing aviation industry demands across continents. The two companies, in sharing similar and complementary insights, have devised an integrated structure, and will be joining forces in aircraft and charter management services, effective immediately. In accordance to the terms of the partnership, 24/7 Jet has appointed M2 Aviation as exclusive partner in the Asia Region, and M2 Aviation has appointed 24/7 Jet as exclusive partner for the Americas Region. Having established a singularity of vision, the companies have come together to broaden their respective territories and further their reach into the private sector of the aviation industry, thereby elevating the overall experience, offering clientele consistent pricing, simplicity and reliability. "We believe this collaboration is a great opportunity toward a broader level of global influence, as this venture enables significant expansion, to better meet the growing demand of our clients in Asia regions, Mr. Mustafa Dar, President of 24/7 Jet, stated. "Having a partner with an experienced team delivering local knowledge across multiple time zones, ensures this relationship will expand our horizons substantially to continue offering unparalleled service." "Asia is a key region with strong growth in private traveling, and we are very happy to have work with 24/7 Jet, representing as their exclusive partner in Asia for aircraft and charter management services," said Ms. Maureen Huang, Director of M2 Aviation. "We believe having partners with a strong business acumen, who share excellence in operational and service standards, higher levels of success become instantaneously probable. We look forward with great anticipation to our future with 24/7 Jet's to meet the evolving global travel needs of all our clients." About 24/7 Jet 24/7 Jet is a boutique operator specializing in Aircraft Management, Charter and Sales which is led by a highly experienced team of aviation professionals. It's headquartered at the iconic Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles, California. www.247jet.com About M2 Aviation M2 Aviation is an International Aviation company headquartered in Hong Kong, operated by a team of professional aviation enthusiasts whom have accumulated many years of experience in the business aviation industry. www.M2charter.com For more information contact: info@247jet.com SOURCE 24/7 Jet Related Links http://www.247jet.com

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